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We do Metallic and wooden greenhouses that are durable and toilored according to the climate in Kenya's.

Drip Kit irrigation

Our drip kit minimise watar and labor usage and are different spaced to help watering different plants 's.


Agronomist are part of our team to ensure quality and quantity in both outdoor and greenhouses's.


Landacping involves the use of plants to create beautiful scenes, we do great designs for the eyes's.

Shade houses

Shade houses are used in hot climate to produce vegetable, we provide good quality shade houses's.

Liners [Dam-geomembrane]

Dam liners installation for water harvesting in Kenya. We have technical team to help in installation's.

Steps in Our Works

Our process on creating awesome projects.
  • 1. Pre-site survey

    Help us know the location as wee collect soil samples for testing..

  • 2. Material delivery

    We do timely material delivery for our greenhouses and landscaping job..


    Greenhouse construction, Dam liners and drip irrigation are done within time.


    We hand over complete project and also offer agro-support for greenhouses..

    Affordable, Productive & Awesome.

    Your Agri business partner that believes in profitable venture and lasting projects.

    Meet The Team

    Our process on creating awesome projects.
    Calvins Onyuro

    Our greenhouses mostly are succesful because we give good agro-support and visits in kenya's.

    Charles Okello Odhiambo

    Greenhouses from our company are durable, affordable and modern designs with the best agronomy in Kenya's.

    Dennis Ongech

    Greenhouses uses the latest durable metals and Woods that withstand wind and harsh climate's.

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