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Metallic Greenhouses

Hortitechno metallic greenhouses are durable strong and affordable. Our greenhouses are tailor made to take care of the climatic condition in Kenya like wind speed, rain and temperature.

Wooden greenhouses

Wooden greenhouses are made with treated timber and can last up to four years Kenyan climate. Our wooden greenhouses are equally good for tomato and capsicum farming in Kenya

Drip Irrigation

We provide our clients with high quality ultra violet rays treated drip irrigation from small space to big acreage of lands in Kenya. This drip kits helps in minimising water usage and also saves on labour..

Shade Houses

Hortitehno produce and services recommends and provide shade houses for hot region in Kenya. Shade houses provide a cooling effect to plants in hot areas to produce without heat stress.

Agronomy Services

hortitechno greenhouses provide horticultural extension services all over Kenya. We also provide farmers with training and farm visits to help address the challenges on the farm.

Dam liners

In Kenya water is scarce hence there is a need to harvest water using dam liner of geo membrane. We have different thickness and can be welded to your specification..

Steps in Our Works

Our process on creating awesome projects.
  • 1. SURVEY

    Pre-visit survey enable us to understand, measure and to collect soil for analysis.


    The technical team comes with greenhouse material and assemble them on the farm .


    Our experience team of agronomist visit the farmers periodicaly till harvest period.

  • 4. MARKET

    We provide our farmers with market insight and good calender for their greenhouse produce

    Affordable, Quality & Profitable.

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    Meet The Team

    Our process on creating awesome projects.
    Charles Okello

    We have the best team to help you achieve your dream in agri-business and beautiful landscaping scenes's.

    Dennis ongech

    Greenhouses are installed by our qualified abled technicians with great expirience in structural engineering.'s.

    Calvins onyango

    Agronomy play a special part in getting profit on your investment , we ensure that in greenhouse production.'s.

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