Wooden Greenhouses

Wooden greenhouse company in Kenya
Wooden greenhouse in Kiambu
Wooden A- framed shape greenhouses with top vent are made of timber or round poles that are joined together with nails and wall pass to withstand the strongest wind of up to 120 km / hour. The frame is then covered using a u.v treated polythene that is fasten using nails.

Wooden greenhouses treatment

Wooden greenhouse poles and post are usually treated with termicide and covered with polythene to prevent roting from water and termites from spoiling the timber.

Durability of wooden greenhouses

Wooden greenhouse with the best orientation and well constructed can stay for 3-4 years with minimal repair on the roof and walls.

 Greenhouse comes with:

Soil testing,Poles, post, Nails, Wall-pass, Polythene, Insect net, Drip kit,  ,1,000 liter water tank, Seeds, chemicals, knapsack sprayers,training , agronomists, installation and transportation.