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Greenhouse Prices in Kenya 8M x 15 M to 64 M x 64M | Strong Quality

Greenhouse Prices in Kenya 8M x 15 M to 64 M x 64M | Strong Quality

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Greenhouse prices in Kenya is the cost of greenhouse depending on the structure frame , covering materials and location of construction.  common type of greenhouses : Wood frame greenhouse also known as wooden greenhouse and metals frame greenhouses commonly known as metallic greenhouse. The greenhouses comes in top vented , dome tunnel shape. A frame and Gothic arch. They can be multi span or free standing. 

Hortitechno Greenhouse tunnel technical specification. 

Greenhouse prices in kenya

Gutter height 2.2 Meters -3.0 Meters
Apex heigh  4.5 Meters - 5.0 Meters
Covering materials 1000 gauge UV treated polythene, insect nets or shade nets.
Irrigation system drip irrigation kits.

The greenhouses are covered with 200 micron UV treated multilayered greenhouse polythene to create warmth and insect net to help in screening off the insect and offer ventilation.

Factor affecting greenhouse prices in Kenya.

1. Metal framed greenhouses are costly compared to wooden framed greenhouses in Kenya reason being that the wood or timber are found locally hence leading to low cost greenhouse prices in Kenya while metals are imported hence attracting tax, shipping and brokerage making it costly.

2. Greenhouse polythene in prices in Kenya. Greenhouse polythene price also contribute to greenhouse cost in Kenya. Greenhouse polythene prices is between k.sh 100-k.sh150 per square meter.
Greenhouse polythene per Unit.

8 M x 15 M wooden greenhouse we will need 450-500 Square meter.

8 M x 25 M wooden greenhouse we will need 650-700 Square meter.

8 M x 30 M wooden greenhouse we will need 750-900 Square meter.

The covering for greenhouse depends on climatic condition of an area. For example in hot area like kisumu and Mombasa greenhouses require small polythene coverage compared to cool climate like eldoret and Nakuru.

3.Greenhouse prices in Kenya varies depending on the location of installation. As the distance increases from Nairobi the greenhouse cost in Kenya also increases.

4.Greenhouse Sizes in Kenya . Common greenhouses sizes in Kenya is 8 M x 12 M, 8M x15 M, 8 M X 21 M, 8 M x 24 M, 8 M X 30 M and 16 M x 30 M.

M = Meters.

8 M x 15 M is cheaper compared to 8 M x 30 M.

5.Drip irrigation kit. For irrigation it can affect greenhouse prices if it's automated. Gravity driven greenhouse drip kits are cost effective. 8 M x 30 M gravity driven can cost K.sh18,000

Where to buy greenhouses in Kenya.

Hortitechno greenhouses being the best greenhouse suppliers in Kenya provide affordable wooden greenhouse prices and metallic greenhouse prices in Kenya.
Greenhouse prices in kenya

Wooden greenhouse prices in Kenya ranges between k.sh100,000-K.sh750,000 depending on the size, design and location.

Metallic greenhouses price in Kenya ranges from k.sh 150,000 to 980,000 for units sizes between 6nM x 10 M and 16 M x 30 M.

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