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Rain Hose Irrigation in Kenya

rain hose kenya

Rain hose irrigation in Kenya is the latest way of irrigation.

Water scarcity is a significant challenge facing crop production worldwide, but a cost-effective and innovative irrigation technology called Rain Hose Irrigation has been introduced in Kenya to address this problem. 

Also known as rain pipe irrigation, this surface spraying irrigation method is rapidly replacing traditional sprinkler systems due to its affordability and efficiency.

Definition of rain hose irrigation in Kenya and How it Works

Rain hose irrigation uses a flexible hose made of high-density polyethylene with drip holes punched using nanotechnology to ensure uniform distribution of water. This irrigation method is suitable for closely spaced crops and operates at a pressure of 1 kilogram per square centimeter, with a discharge of 1 liter per minute per meter. The spray width is 5 to 6 meters, with a height of 1.5 to 2 meters. The recommended laying length is between 25 to 50 meters, and the expected useful life of the hose is 4 to 5 years.

Types of Rain Hose and Fittings


There are two types of rain hose: the flat hose with perforated walls and the drain hose that can be fitted with t-fittings, rigid pipes, or flexible pipes to distribute water to crops.

 Mounted fittings are preferred as they are easy to maintain, have adjustable diameters, shorten the irrigation time, and use low pressure and energy. 

Rain hose irrigation is supported by several fittings, including end caps, main and sub-valves, pressure regulators, pipe connectors, and filters. 

These fittings ensure efficient water flow, prevent blockages, and maintain the longevity of the system.

Application and Benefits

Rain hose irrigation can be used in both open-field and greenhouse irrigation, and a water pump is installed at the source to increase water pressure. 

The benefits of rain hose irrigation include efficient water use, automated operation, affordability, ease of setup and maintenance, flexibility in movement and storage, applicability in all types of soil and topography, simultaneous distribution of fertilizer, cooling effect on plants during hot weather, and effective control of soil erosion.

 Recent research shows that rain hose irrigation significantly increases yield per unit area compared to the capital employed while using less water and energy.

Rain hose irrigation is a cost-effective and efficient irrigation method that can significantly improve crop production in Kenya.

 Its simplicity in setup and maintenance, flexibility in movement and storage, and suitability for different soil types and topographies make it a viable option for small-scale farmers as well as large-scale commercial farms. 

With its many benefits, rain hose irrigation is an innovative solution to water scarcity in crop production.

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