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Insect nets in Kenya

Insects nets in Kenya is used for screening harmful insect from entering a farm. 

How Insect Nets Are Used in Modern Farming

Insect Nets:

  • Insect nets are industrially woven fabrics made from mono filament with small pores to prevent insects from passing through.
  • They are cost-effective and Eco-friendly solutions for protecting crops against insects and birds, filtering excess solar radiation, and preventing hail storms.

Structural Features of Insect Nets

  • Nets are characterized according to material type, radiometric properties, and physical properties.
  • The texture of nets determines the size of the mesh, ranging from 0.2 to 3.1mm for insect nets.
  • The thickness and weight of the net depend on the thread's texture and mesh size.Insect net in kenya

Applications of Insect Nets

  • Insect nets can enclose structures similar to greenhouses, cover plants on wooden poles, or act as a filter in greenhouse vents.
  • They are commonly used to protect crops against insects and birds, meteorological hazards, reduce solar radiation, and help soil cover.
  • Insect nets also play an important role in preventing the escape of pollinating insects from greenhouses and are used in harvesting produce and post-harvesting operations such as drying fruits and packaging produce.
  • Nets can also be used for mulching, which maintains soil humidity and controls soil erosion.
Benefits of Insect Nets
  • Insect nets control pests and disease infestations, reducing the need for insecticides and pesticides in farming.
  • They reduce exposure to extreme weather conditions and create a micro climate that increases crop yield and quality.
  • Insect nets are also environmentally, soil, and human health-friendly, making them a sustainable alternative to harmful farm chemicals.
Challenges and Future Developments
  • The use of plastic insect nets in modern farming practices has raised concerns about their sustainability.
  • Researchers are developing biodegradable insect nets free from plastic-based compounds to ensure long-term sustainability.
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