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Maximizing Crop Yields in Kenya with Greenhouse Film Tapes: Benefits, Types, and Maintenance Tips

Around 90% of all greenhouses across the world are covered with film or plastic sheets. Multilayer film structures allow for elastic, the hail-resistant film covers with high levels of transparency and suitable qualities, such as NIR reduction and an anti-drop effect.
Greenhouse Film Repair Tape is a single-coated, UV-stabilized, clear, polyethene film with a high-tack acrylic adhesive. 
Both tape and adhesive are UV protected to help prevent deterioration. This tape is strong enough to reinforce high-stress sections of greenhouses and prevent tearing as well. 
A complete first aid kit for greenhouses, the rugged patching tape bonds aggressively to polyethene film.
This 6 mils thick, UV-stabilized polyethene tape is great for repairing rips, tears and holes in greenhouses and for fixing smaller holes and reinforcing areas. 
This adhesive tape is clear and blends in nicely with any greenhouse plastic. This tape helps you to add up to 3 years of life to your greenhouse and save on replacement costs.
Heavy-duty tape is designed for interior and exterior bonding applications and is great for repairing minor tears in polyethene greenhouse film/paper. 
Both tape and adhesive are UV protected to help prevent deterioration.
The tape comes in various sizes and lengths. They normally come in a cylindrical manner with a holder being of paper made of wood.
Film tapes as used in a greenhouse are specially made for patching and seaming greenhouse films and are designed to be extremely durable for outdoor use.
 This greenhouse film tape can also be used for general-purpose spiral wrapping splicing, seaming, sealing, temporary hold down and surface protection.
 Other applications include covering patches or gaps on plastic, greenhouse panes glasshouses, greenhouse plastic injuries, patches on doors and vents
 It is resistant to ultraviolet rays and weather, bonds strongly to greenhouse films and stands up to extended exposure to varying temperatures and the elements. The acrylic adhesive tape comes on a release liner that's easy to apply on wide-width surfaces.
The repair tape is used by most farmers to fix tears in the polyethene greenhouse film. Heavy-Duty tape is designed for interior and exterior applications; Rolls are 108 ft long and can repair even the worst disasters. 
Skip the staples and quickly apply strong greenhouse tape for a tight-fitting repair that will last! Unroll, stick, and cut; No extra tools are required!

All Weatherseal seal repair tape provides a high level of cohesion and adhesion to firmly sticks to uneven surfaces and around curves. 
Works on irregular surfaces allowing you to repair a wide range of houses and hoop house structures, installing plastic storm windows, sealing air leaks, repairing cracked glass, and even awnings. 
Super strong UV Repair tape works best when applied to clean, dry polythene in warm conditions
The commonly available tape lengths are 50 metering s length and 100 meters in length. Moreover, these acrylic adhesive materials are always clear with some yellowish films.
The choice of colour (either clear or yellowish tape) depends on the greenhouse polythene films one has. The colours do not affect the functionality of the tape.

Greenhouse polythene tapes Applications

Greenhouse patching and seaming on films
Splicing, seaming and sealing coated or uncoated surfaces
Surface protection and temporary hold down
Sandblasting stencil mask
Also ideal as a weather seal for applying plastic storm windows, door jams, and window casings in low-temperature environments.

Characteristics and advantages of greenhouse tapes

  • UV and Weather Resistant
  • High Adhesion and Cohesion
  • Aggressive Adhesion to Films
  • Conform-ability to Irregular Surfaces
  • Withstands Extended Exposure to the Elements
  • Available without or with a white poly-coated release liner
  • very strong and resistant to moisture.

Procedure on how to install greenhouse tapes

  1. Always ensure the surfaces to be bonded are clean and close to each other as close as possible.
  2. Ensure the surface is free from water elements i.e. dry surface
  3. When installing the greenhouse tapes ensure the adhesive film part is free from dust or soil particles. These dust or soil particles will inhibit the bonding between the tape and greenhouse polythene paper surfaces.

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