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Agriculture soil testing in Kenya
Agriculture soil testing in Kenya is crucial for assessing nutrients and microbiology before planting to improve yield.

we do nutrients and microbiology analysis of agricultural soils in Kenya.
  • Different soil types exist, including loam, clay, sand and silt, which vary in different regions and climatic conditions.
  • Soil analysis aims to determine the nutrient content, pH level, moisture content, microbial activity and soil structure.
  • Soil testing is an environmental assessment to determine the economic nutrient application rate for better production.
  • Sampling tools and techniques are used to collect soil samples from different parts of the farm for analysis.
  • Soil is routinely tested for primary nutrients such as phosphorous, potassium, and nitrogen using different soil test kits that cater for different soil types, styles, and budgets.
  • Chemical soil testing technique involves adding chemicals to a sample of soil, observing color changes, and comparing with a chart.
  • Digital soil testing uses electrodes to test for moisture content, pH levels, and soil lighting, and it's fairly reliable.
  • Professional soil testing is the most advanced level of soil testing, done in a laboratory setup with complex machines to give accurate data and feedback.
  • Farmers can purchase professional test kits, which are portable and come with procedure manuals for convenience.
  • Soil testing assists farmers in choosing the best plants to grow and appropriate fertilizer application, maximizing yield while conserving soil from degradation, erosion, and pollution.
  • Governments and the private sector have set up agricultural research facilities with state-of-the-art facilities and professional staff to educate and assist farmers at the grassroots level.
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