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 Greenhouse technician in Kenya | Quality greenhouse and irrigation installation 2023

Greenhouse technician in Kenya is responsible for designing, constructing, and maintaining greenhouses. 

In Kenya, where agriculture is a significant sector of the economy, greenhouse technician in kenya play an essential role in ensuring food security and boosting the country's economy.

Qualifications of a greenhouse technician kenya:

You should also have excellent skills in design, construction, and maintenance of greenhouses. Good communication skills are also essential as you will be required to communicate with clients and team members.

Responsibilities of a greenhouse construction technician:

As a greenhouse technician in kenya, your responsibilities will include:

Designing and constructing greenhouses to meet clients' specifications

Ensuring that greenhouses are structurally sound and meet safety standards

Installing irrigation systems, ventilation, and temperature control systems in the greenhouse

Maintaining and repairing greenhouses as required

Advising clients on the best crops to grow in the greenhouse and the most suitable farming practices.

Benefits of greenhouse farming in Kenya:

Greenhouse farming in Kenya has numerous benefits, including:

Increased crop yields: Greenhouses provide an ideal environment for crops, resulting in higher yields and better-quality produce.

Reduced water usage: Greenhouses use less water than traditional farming methods as water is recycled within the system.

Protection from pests and diseases: Greenhouses protect crops from pests and diseases, reducing the need for pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

Year-round production: With greenhouses, farmers can produce crops throughout the year, ensuring a constant supply of fresh produce.

Increased income: Greenhouse farming is a profitable venture as the high-quality produce fetches higher prices in the market.

Greenhouse construction technicians play a critical role in Kenya's agricultural sector by designing and constructing greenhouses.

 To become a greenhouse technician in kenya, you need to have the necessary qualifications and skills.

 Greenhouse farming in Kenya has numerous benefits, including increased crop yields, reduced water usage, protection from pests and diseases, year-round production, and increased income.

A greenhouse technician in kenya is a trained person in horticulture and irrigation technology. The greenhouse technician has skills in the construction of greenhouses, installation of drip irrigation, sprinklers irrigation and dam liners installation. 

Greenhouse technician requirements.

For someone to be a qualified greenhouse technician he/she needs to understand the following:

Soil testing and interpretation

Greenhouse orientation

Water quality

Covering materials as per the climate

Greenhouse height and wind speeds

Plant seedlings germination

Plant physiology

Plant pathology

Cultural practices

Good agricultural practices.

Structural strength

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