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 Greenhouse polythene price in Kenya

Greenhouse polythene cost in Kenya
Greenhouse polythene.

The greenhouse polythene price in Kenya is 85 to 120.00 and varies depending on the width and length of the greenhouse sheet you want to purchase. 

Different greenhouse polythene film has different prices in Kenya. We have three types of greenhouse polythene sheets that differ depending on microns and U.v treatment.

The greenhouse polythene can be used in high and low altitude areas: in hot areas, we do also ventilation net to allow in air circulation to promote cooling.

Types of greenhouse polythene

  • Yellow-green greenhouse polythene

 Mostly used in cold and warm areas. Used to make tunnel greenhouses

  • Milky white (Nectarine) greenhouse film

Used to make solar driers and propagation chambers, Road covering.

  • The clear greenhouse films cover

Used to make solar driers and propagation chambers, Black soldiers fly greenhouses

Specification of greenhouse polythene.

Greenhouse covers in Kenya
Different greenhouse film

  • Ultra-violet (Uv) and infrared (I.R ) stabilized.
  • 200 microns
  • yellow, Nectarine and Clears
  • Width in Meters: 4 Meters | 5 Meters | 5.5 meters | 6 Meters | 7 Meters | 8 Meters | 9 Meters | 9.5 Meters | 10.5 Meters | 11.2 meters | 12 meters
  • Length of 1 meter to 150 meters
  • Anti-drip and antifog infuse
  • 7 layers
  • Antivirus and antifungal
  • High heat retention at low temperature
  • Good for tomatoes, flowers, Leafy vegetables, Strawberries, and Herbs.

Price of greenhouse polythene in Kenya

Hortitechno Greenhouse prices of polythene is 85  Per square meter for example greenhouse polythene of 10 m by 31 meters is calculated as:

Greenhouse polythene price calculator

W10* L 31* P 85 = Ksh. 26,350 /=

W= Width
L= Length
P= Price per square meter

Once you have established the square meter of greenhouse polythene you want you can use the formula above to get the correct amount you need to spend on the greenhouse polythene price.

Hortitechno produce and services give you the best greenhouse polythene price in Kenya.Quality greenhouse polythene sheet film cover in Kenya.

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