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Drip Irrigation for Successful Farming in Kenya

Drip Irrigation for Successful Farming in Kenya

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Best Drip irrigation company in Kenya

Drip irrigation is a highly efficient and cost-effective method of irrigating crops, ideal for farmers who want to maximize crop yields while conserving water resources. At HortiTechno, we offer a range of drip irrigation kits designed to meet the unique needs of Kenyan farmers.

Benefits of Drip Irrigation:

  •     Cost-effective and water-efficient
  •     Improves crop yields and quality
  •     Reduces labour costs by minimizing manual watering and weeding

Our Products:

    One-Acre Drip Irrigation Kit:

    Perfect for farmers looking to irrigate up to one acre of land
    Comes with pipes, valves, and drip emitters
    Prices start at KES 80,000-185,000 per acre depending on the drip lines per bed

    Bucket Drip Kit:

    Ideal for farmers with limited land and water resources
    Comes with everything needed to set up a drip irrigation system using buckets
    Prices start at KES 5,000

Where to Buy drip irrigation:

At HortiTechno, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality drip irrigation products at competitive prices. You can purchase our drip irrigation kits from our website or retail outlets.

Drip irrigation is a smart investment for farmers who want to save time, money, and water while maximizing crop yields. Our range of drip irrigation kits caters to farmers' unique needs, and we are committed to providing high-quality products that deliver value for money.

    Drip irrigation is a highly efficient technology used by large and small-scale farmers in Kisumu and Kenya to save time and labor.
    Drip irrigation systems consist of drip tapes with different thickness levels and emitters positioned at various spacing.
    With drip irrigation kits installed in farms, plants achieve uniform growth and vigor throughout their growth periods.
    Hortitechno, a drip irrigation company in Kenya, offers installation services across East and Central Africa.
    The components of a drip irrigation kit include drip tapes, start connectors, filters, connector rubbers, drip end caps, valves, H.D.P.E pipes, takeoffs, elbows, tank connectors, adapters, and a water source.
    Drip irrigation is essential for plants such as tomatoes, kale, capsicum, and onions to ensure uniform growth and vigor.
    Drip irrigation systems save water and labor by delivering water directly to the root zone of plants in droplets, ensuring root-to-water contact.
    Filters are crucial components of drip irrigation systems as they filter debris and small particles of soil that may clog the emitters in the drip line.
    Drip end caps are used to clog the end of drip tapes to prevent water overflow at the tail end of the drip line.
    Hortitechno offers affordable prices for drip irrigation pipes and is based in Kisumu and Nairobi, Kenya.

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Drip irrigation company in Kenya

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