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Steps on how to get our greenhouses and other services in Kenya.

Shade net house
  • Step 1: Site Survey
  • Step 2: Payment
  • Step 3: Material delivery
  • Step 4: Construction and installation
  • Step 5: Training and agronomy

As one of the leading companies in shade houses and greenhouse kit supply and construction companies, our metallic and wooden greenhouses have been voted one of the best in Africa for small-scale farmers and investors.

Our greenhouses are durable and guarantee a good micro climate for different climates as the greenhouses are tailor-made in consideration of different climatic factors in hot temperature areas we do our metallic or wooden greenhouses with more ventilation, in the colder regions we do with curtains to allow retention of heat and co2 gases that are beneficiary to plant photosynthesis.

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We also consider wind direction and speed which always have a big effect on greenhouse destruction by removing the top poly-film cover, We remedy this by fastening our greenhouse polythene with pegs or w-wire. We also use fastening ropes on top of the greenhouse cover to avoid flapping of the poly film after some period, this ensures the stability and durability of the greenhouse.

Step 1: Site Survey

When a farmer is ready for the greenhouse, Upon inquiry on the greenhouseprices and sizes we then visit the farm to know, the exact location which helps us in planning our transport, availability of reliable water, and the water source about where the greenhouse is to be located.

We check also the farm plant history to establish the families of plants grown previously and any other activity that might affect our greenhouse plants, windbreakers like trees, and Security among others.

During the survey, we also sampled the greenhouse area for soil and water to be tested in the lab for nutrients and pathogenic analysis.

Step 2: Payment

We have different greenhouses/ shade houses in sizes/packages and pricing. We also have different greenhouse accessories like polythene, insect net, drip tapes, drip fittings( elbows, filters, connectors, Main pipes (PE), Profiles and w-wires, tapping screws, Shade nets, Low-Density Poly Ethylene (Ldpe)  Dam liners of 1 mm,0.5 mm, 0.3 mm, Mulching film 0.3 mm. and metallic greenhouse frames. (arches). We also do arch bending.

Step 3: Material delivery

Once the payment process has been done in our bank account or mobile transfer we move to the preparation of the greenhouse for delivery which takes 48 hours depending on the size of the project and farmers/client requirements for delivery.

For other accessories like polythene, drip fitting, insect nets, Dam liners e.t.c takes between 12 hours - 24 hours delivery period after payment using a courier.

Step 4: Construction and installation

For greenhouses/shade house/dam liners installation and construction takes a period between 2-7 days depending on the sizes and scope of work (Greenhouse construction, Drip irrigation installation, Crop support, Tank stand installation). We have a qualified technician with 8-10 years of experience who is tasked with installing and constructing successful projects the n east and central Africa including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Somalia.

Step 5: Training and agronomy

Once the greenhouse,  shade house, liners, or open field drip irrigation has been set up we train our farmers or client on the operations of the greenhouses, Drip irrigation operations, and cultural practices indicated below.

  •  Soil preparation, Fertilization, and sterilization based on the nutrients and pathological lab results
  • Nursery preparation and seeding: We use certified hybrid seeds for quantity and quality yields.
  • Bed preparation: In case of infected soil, we train our farmers on ground bed preparation.
  • Cultural activities: This includes: Transplanting, watering, top dressing, weeding, De-suckering, Defoliation, Layering, spraying, and marketing of the produce.
In agronomy, we train our farmers in Good agricultural practices regarding greenhouse and horticulture in general

Hortitechno produce and services guarantee you durable and profitable ventures in greenhouse farming and horticulture consultancy.
 Greenhouse and Irrigation Solutions for Kenya

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