Shade houses

Shade houses are structure made by steel and are covered using nets with shade effects to help reduce the sun heat intensity on the plants. This  houses helps in creating a cool micro climate in hot areas like north eastern counties in Kenya.

  The shade houses also allow rain to pass through them and can be used as crop covers to break and reduce the speed of hail stone and debris from falling on the plants.

 This nets also provide cover to the crops to protect them from preys like the birds and insect from eating or causing diseases.

 Shade houses are generally cheap to construct compared to commercial greenhouses in Kenya. Their structure is not complicated because they allow wind to pass through them.

We have different kind of shade nets according to their shading properties in percentages and colors that have are u.v treated and can last for a period of 5 years.

Hortitechno Produce and services Shade houses are the Best in Kenya.