Hortitechno produce and services as the best Kenya greenhouse and irrigation company gives quality services in our agronomy department leading to a healthy quality and quantity harvest, we involve every aspect like irrigation, modern technology, proper chemical uses, good agricultural practices, seed quality and best variety for our climate zones, proper timing that assures you of quality harvests all year round

         Nursery setup         Transplanting     Staking and top dressing     Soil sterilization and potting

Kenya greenhouse ensures that the farmer get certified, quality seedlings like tomatoes, capsicum e.t.c.
  we train the farmer through demonstration on how to set the nursery, watering and feeding, scouting for insects and spraying.
Hortitechno produce and services ensures that we assist the farmer through with transplanting of the greenhouses tomatoes and other horticultural vegetables. Staking and top dressing is one way for farmer to continue feeding the plant and grooming of the plant to one stem. In greenhouses we ensure that farmers got the right training.After greenhouse soil sampling and testing when we realize presence of bacterial wilt as a greenhouse company we have to sterilize the soil to prevent occurrence of bacterial infection in the tomato plant, this assures farmer of the harvest 100 %. We use steaming and other methods to sterilize greenhouse soil.

     Seedlings in trays      scouting of insect/inspection     Defoliation

Seeding in trays is a good way of planting seedling without disturbence of soil pathogen and diseases.
 as a greenhousee company we ensure that the seedlings have vigour, uniformity nd free from diseases.
In Hortitechno we ensure that we have train our clients and the farm hand in handling the plants through proper greenhouse management practices.
 We ensure that the tomato farming in the greenhouse meets international standards, through good agricultural practices.
Defoliation of greenhouses tomato plant ensures there is minimal disease spread and insect habitat, it also ensures that air pass though the greenhouse and give ease in operation and movement. It alsos aves chemical uses in the greenhouse.
     Potted tomato plants Harvesting/ Market     Lowering/ layering De-suckering and top dressing

 As a greenhouse company in kenya with the best agro support we ensure Quality harvest. Assured tomato production in wilt zone greenhouse location. soil treated.
  In Kenya bacterial wilt has hindered many farmers from getting maximum harvest he best way after soil test is to treat the soil.
Recommended greenhouse tomatoes are indeterminate variety, here in Kenya we have to lay the plant to give it more time and over head roof to produce.Potted plants must be irrigated withe best drip irrigation kit. in kenya We provide the best planting  polythene tubes, that last three seasons of planting. U.v stabilized.