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Best Drip irrigation company in Kenya


Best Drip irrigation company in Kenya

Best Drip irrigation company in Kenya .  Drip irrigation installation in Kenya has been of great benefit to large and small scale farmers. This method of plant irrigation is one of the most efficient time saving, labour saving modern technology that is being undertaken by our farmers in Kisumu and Kenya. Drip irrigation is a combination of drip lines that comes in diameters of 16 mm, 12 mm and 8 mm with emitters positioned at 15 cm spacing, 20 cm spacing, 30 cm spacing and 40 cm spacing. 


     The drip tapes come with different levels of thickness and can be used for indoor farming like greenhouse, hydroponics, live fence or open field irrigation. with drip irrigation Kit installed in farms, the plants tend to achieve vigour and uniformity throughout the growth periods. Tomatoes, kale's, capsicum and onion are some of the plants that require drip irrigation.

Components of drip irrigation kit

As a drip irrigation installing company based in Nairobi and Kisumu Kenya, we operate in the entire east and central Africa installing success. Below are the components of drip irrigation.


Drip tapes 

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This is the major distributors of water into the farm and they have emitters according to plant spacing. Drip lines save water and labour as they give water to the root zone of plants in droplets thus ensuring root to water contacts.


Start connectors drip irrigation fittings in Kisumu Kenya. Greenhouse and irrigation Hub in Kisumu city.

Start connectors 


This is the fittings that are attached to the drip lines and a mainline at 90 degrees to allow water to pass. they come in different sizes of 16 mm, 12 mm, 8 mm in diameter. 


Filter drip irrigation kit, drip irrigation hub in kenya, Affordable screen and disk filters


 Filters are very important in the drip irrigation systems. This component filters debris and small particles of soil that might clog the emitters in the drip line. Without the filter, a farmer will have to change the drip lines more often and this will be costly.


Connectors rubber

connectors rubbers are used between the connectors and the p.e main line to prevent any slippage of water from the drip irrigation system.


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Drip end cap

Drip end caps are made of the plastic part and are used to clog the end of the drip tapes to prevent water overflow at the tail end of the drip line.

Irrigation drip valves, greenhouse valves, Kisumu drip valves


Valves in the Kenya drip irrigation installation company are of plastic or metals this is fitted between the tanks and the filter. The valves are also used in subdividing the field pipes to achieved desired pressure.

H.D.P.E pipes as the Main Line.

H.D.P.E pipes are used as the mainline to distribute water to the drip irrigation system. As an irrigation Hub in Kenya we sale and distributes the pipes. The pipes come in different diameters 16 mm to 63 mm and strength from PN16 to PN 6.


This is connectors that are attached between mainline and HDPE pipe of 16 mm. Often used in cases where the main pipe is submerged in the soil. 

End caps

End caps in irrigation are plugs installed to clog the tail ends of the mainline at the tail ends. They cut the flow of water by blocking the pathway.



Elbows are bend in L shape that is used to divert water flow along with the irrigation mainline. This can also be used to raise a submerged main pipe.

Tank connectors

Circular ring shaped made of metal ( long nipple) or plastic that is connected through the tank and the mainline during drip line installation. It can be connected to a valve ore a female adapter.



Adapters come in female and male. This component is used to adapt PVC to P.E pipes or Metallic pipes to P.E pipes.

water source.

Drip irrigation need a water source for supply. This water source can be a raised tank so that water flows with gravity, a river, or a man made dam.

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