Process and steps of buying our greenhouses and other services

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Once anyone has decided to do a project he always finds the right people or the right company to help him achieve his or her goals, the most important question is what is the processes leading me to acquire this services?. The service provider he or she is looking for should have experience in the field of engagement. We at hortitechno has the experience in greenhouses, open drip installation, landscaping, liners and horticultural consultancy in general. we value good work and reliable professionalism.

Step 1:

pre-site survey

Site survey involves knowing the location if its viable for the greenhouse or landscaping project to be carried out. for the greenhouse, we check the measurement of the area, gradient, water availability, soil sampling for lab analysis, windbreakers.

Landscaping survey also help us to identify the climate of the area since in Kenya we have a different climate, check the soil type to see which plant can be planted. We also check the soil profile to help us in case of cuts and backfilling, we also take measurements and map existing trees and structures to helps us do a landscape design accurately.

Water drilling survey in Kenya requires a Geological survey to help the client understand the depth of the borehole and also to identify the exact location to be drilled plus the cost.

For horticulture and dam liner we also require a survey for soil profiling, climate, slope, drainage and soil sampling for a lab test.

Step 2:

Agreement and Invoice

After the pre-site survey, we invoice our client based on the project they want to do. this takes into consideration of materials and services to be used, transportation of materials as agreed between the hortitechno and the clients. Sometimes we accompany our Invoice with agreement form that is signed between us and the client.
The client then makes the payment in our account and we deliver the materials to start the project.

Step 3:

Materials delivery:

Greenhouse material delivery takes 2 to 3 days from the day of payment. the 2-3 days help us to prepare and also to get the next available free technician from one of our many projects.

For water drilling, we will bring the rig to start its work based on the availability as will be communicated.

Landscaping, dam lining and horticulture we also bring the seeds or trees for planting as indicated in our planning and designs.

step 4:

Project execution

 wooden greenhouse in Kenya, greenhouse measuring 8 meters by 15 meters construction takes 3 days under good weather condition. Our able team of professional gives it the best anchorage and a neat finish.

Hortitechno greenhouses, landscaping, dam lining and extension services are the best in Kenya.