Hortitechno quality farming in greenhouses

Hortitecho greenhouse company

Metallic greenhouse in Kenya

A Hortitechno we provide you with the best quality and affordable greenhouses that are customized according to your area climate and are durable. A greenhouse is a structure made of timber, metallic steel structures, concrete or PVC pipes and is covered with a transparent material like U.v treated poly-sheets and ventilation nets that allows in light for plants to grow, this heat is given out gradually at night.
Types of greenhouses
Hortitechno commercial greenhouses structures are made majorly from strong timber and steel to withstand the harsh climatic weather condition in Kenya and are also durable. Wooden greenhouses last for 4 years averagely and our steel greenhouses last longer.
We also use PVC pipes to build small kitchen greenhouse for the gardener who wishes to produce their food. PVC greenhouses cannot stand harsh weather like the wind with high speed, this has informed our choice of using PVC plastic greenhouse for gardening, nursery raising and backyard kitchen. This type of greenhouse is cheaper to start with.

Advantages of our greenhouse in Kenya

  • Long season production since it creates a microclimate
  • Increase vigour in production hence vegetable takes a shorter time to produce
  • You get a good quality harvest in a small place
  • Improve product quality
  • Saves water with the use of drip irrigation kit
  • Minimizes chemical uses
  • Prevent insect and predators to interfere with plants
  • Reduces labour