A guide to greenhouse site selection

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 Greenhouse site selection / pre-site survey

Greenhouse site selection is a very important step in greenhouse installation. This will determine your success and profitability in greenhouse farming business in Kenya. Below are factors to consider before installing your greenhouse.


Having a good piece of land that can be turned into greenhouse farm, this land can be your garden, it can be leased, or you can buy a land with good soil. The land should have a good gradient/ slope for water to flow away, this will also help in keeping away fungal infection from the greenhouse plants. If the land is not well prepared we can advise our farmer on how to prepare the land for greenhouse installation.


The piece of land should be accessible to vehicles, and people. Accessibility will give the farmer easy time to collect his produce from the greenhouse, it will also give the greenhouse constructors / makers easy time to access the area during greenhouse installation. The farm should have good road network for a vehicle to go through.


Greenhouse site should have a reliable supply of water throughout the production season. This sources can be rivers, borehole, water pans, dams, piped water from the municipality, underground rain tanks and water supply from lorries. the water should be clean not to block the drippers valves.

Sunlight and shade

Greenhouse production requires the sunlight of 4-5 hours to stimulate plant growths. The direction of morning sun is very important factor to consider hence farmers should try as much as possible to let the sunlight reach the greenhouse to give the plant an early start.
 When we have trees surrounding the greenhouse site the farmer needs to trim some branches to allow light to come in. planting leaf shading tree will also help to allow sunlight. This will also help in greenhouse orientation.

Soil and soil-borne pathogens

The soil is the greatest determinant in greenhouse production, through fertility and free from the pathogen.
soil should be aerated, have correct nutrient content for the crop to be produced, should be able to allow water to pass through.

Not all soils are infected however in tomato production soil should be taken to the laboratory and result in determined nutrient content and if it is infected then it will call for sterilization by burning, steaming, fumigation and potting to prevent infected soil from coming into contact with the sterilized soil.


A good wind cover is good for the strength of your greenhouse and durability. high wind speed tends to weaken the strength of greenhouse structure.This windbreaker can be informed of a tree or buildings. A factor to consider in greenhouse orientation.


The greenhouse site should be fenced from people and animal. This will prevent the theft of produce and also prevent the tearing of the greenhouse polyethylene by cows using their sharp horn. securing a greenhouse is important to avoid loss , you can build a farm house next to the greenhouse or build the greenhouse next to your house where you can monitor it or the farm hand.

In greenhouse Kenya (hortitechno produce and services) can give advice on your (particular site selection) location and we are more than happy to consult with you on any aspect of installing or maintaining your greenhouse through site survey, we take you through all this as a farmer so that we all can be successful in production. we do pre-site survey and soil testing at affordable rates.