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Greenhouse company in Kenya

     Greenhouse Kenya company (hortitechno produce and services) is a Kenya greenhouse construction company based in Nairobi and Kisumu. Greenhouse Kenya company provide a modern greenhouse technology in farming in Kenya, Uganda and east and central Africa as a whole.
  Greenhouse Kenya company services range from greenhouse construction, Agronomy, outdoor drip irrigation. We provide one season full agro support and follow up visits upon installation of the greenhouse.
   Greenhouse Kenya company, greenhouse package contain Startup Agro-chemicals, fertilizers, seeds, protective gears, transportation and installation.   
 Our mission is to promote horticulture technology for sustainable profitable food production through outdoor  irrigation and greenhouse in Kenya
Our aim is to be a leading company in promoting new profitable farming technology at affordable rates to our customers.

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Core value:

1.Honesty and reliability.
2. Responsible trust
3. Speed and quality
4. Affordability
5. Dedicated agro-support

1. Wooden greenhouse, wooden shade houses and metallic greenhouse construction and installation.

2. Outdoor Drip irrigation and lawn irrigation,
3. landscaping, water fountain and waterfalls installation.
4. Rehabilitation of unproductive greenhouse.
5. Group training in modern farming technologies.
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