greenhouse tomatoes farming in Kenya
As one of the greenhouse constructing companies in Kenya,  Hortitechno is one of the pioneer and  greenhouse suppliers in Nairobi Kenya, Tanzania,Uganda And Rwanda. Hortitechno greenhouses has been in existence since 2000 and was founded and registered in Kenya by a group of professionals in horticulture. Other products and services we offer ranges from: Water drilling from 100 Meters deep, Soil sampling and testing, Shade houses for hot areas, Hybrid seeds, Open field/ Outdoor drip irrigation, Dam liner ( Geo -membrane) Installation, Agronomy and Landscaping.
Greenhouse farming in Kenya has been the income earner for most of our farmers who use modern farming technology . A small commercial greenhouse kit of 8 meters by 15 meters can give you an income of up to 300,000 Kenya shilling if managed properly. We do affordable wooden and metallic greenhouses all over east and central Africa.
Greenhouse construction in Kenya
Hortitechno metallic greenhouses kits are design in tunnel shape and A - type
for wooden greenhouses, this is done after consideration of climatic condition in Kenya namely wind which flows at 110km/hour and the rain.
Our greenhouse material like greenhouse polythene sheeting that we supply are made of three layers and are up to 200 microns, ultraviolet or infra red treated and can last you for 6 years with three years guarantee in Kenya.
The insect netting for the greenhouses we do in Kenya are in fine mesh used in ventilating the greenhouse and also screen insects that would go in the greenhouse like white fly.
Greenhouse covering
Greenhouse covering materials in Kenya, Metallic greenhouse with metallic crop support Kenya, Kisumu Greenhouse structure in Kenya, Greenhouse insectnet in Kenya, 
Some part of Kenyan climate is Warm and some part of the country is cold we customizes our greenhouses according to the climate. In colder region like kikuyu, Nairobi, Kericho, Nakuru , Eldoret and Kitale ,we install roll up and do standard height for warmth, while in warm climates like Kisumu, Machakos, Mombasa, Kitengela, Bondo , Maralal and Turkana we install greenhouses with good ventilation.
Metallic and Wooden greenhouse Durability
As a Greenhouse company in Kenya we  provide Wooden and Metallic greenhouse structure all customized according to the climate of the area. The two types of greenhouse we provide according to the farmers financial ability. Our greenhouse are also affordable and can be easily moved. The wooden structured greenhouse Last for a period of four years and Metallic greenhouse last for a period 10-15 years.
Greenhouse profitability in Kenya
Greenhouse profits and margins depends on the following factors: Reliable Water availability, Good greenhouse management skills, Good and strong greenhouse that we provide in Kenya, Proper soil preparation through nutrient amendment and soil sterilization in places infected by bacterial wilt pathogen, Good hybrid seeds and also good market for the greenhouse produce.

Greenhouse kits complete package

Our greenhouse farmers package is affordable and comes complete with: Greenhouse structure, U.v treated polythene, Water tank, Seeds, Agro-visits, Market links, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Knapsack sprayer,  Drip kits, Installation.

Client provision:

For greenhouse installation the farmer is to provide:

Land, manure, water connection to the greenhouse tank, Farm hand to be trained and land preparation.

Other services we offer:

  1. Shade house
  2. Landscaping
  3. Fish cage farming
  4. Tree orchards
  5. Open drip irrigation
  6. Soil sampling and testing
  7. Dam liner
  8. Water Drilling
Greenhouse company in kenya is the best agri -service provider.

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